About Us

Company Profile

DeweldAdrian de Groot established Deweld Engineering in 1988 as a jobbing engineering firm. Since then, Deweld has grown to become a strong business supplying and servicing a variety of industries throughout Australia with quality steel products. Eight main components form our core business:

  • General Jobbing Enginnering, since 1988.
  • Lifting Equipment, since 1989.
  • Building Products, since 1990.
  • Stockyard Equipment, since 1995.

This unique scope of industries we service throughout Australia give us the ability through our range of workshop facilities to custom build and repair most steel equipment and products to suit you. Deweld’s management has over 35 years experience in the industry, plus we offer guaranteed customer satisfaction on all work. Our team is committed to delivering quality products at low cost for you.

Our work capacity in the jobbing engineering section is approximately 50 tonne per month.

In the long term our objective is to be able to compete in the global manufacturing environment.

Please take a few moment to peruse our web site. If you have an question please don’t hesitate to call on 1300 85 38 38.